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“To provide top-quality aviation consultancy services following transparency principles in relation to both customers and specialists subscribed to GranCM and contribute to air safety”. GranCM tech is part of GranCM, and we have been working for several years with major MROs, Lessors and Operators, feel free to know more about us, visit

We have been working hard on something BIG, today we happily share the news: In collaboration with JG Systems, we materialized our idea based on our client’s needs and our experience with the aviation industry, airworthiness engineering, and software technology. We are talking about GranCM’s first commercial software/app. After documenting successful outcomes from our in-house developed tools, we have decided to create our first-ever GranCM commercial software. We decided to create a tool designed for Quality and Safety Management. A tool that helps Quality Assurance and Quality Management departments to keep track of audits, events and tasks. To know more contact us now.
GranCM Consultant
Consultant designed by GranCM’s founder Daniel Granja is the perfect tool that helps GranCM customers go ahead of the game when choosing an expert. With a dynamic map that shows price ranges, allows routing for ground transportation and logistics calculation. This and many other features are available. If you are interested in becoming a GranCM client contact us through
Line Mx has an easy online access interface that allows you to keep control and communication between Line Planning and Engineering. Tools that are customized to your needs and provide valuable information to strengthen airworthiness compliance control.
Transition Sheet
The graphs and dashboards of our Collaborative Work Management tool TransitionSheet allows rapid recognition of technical documentation loss during the inspection; no data will be shown if the item was not audited. With this solution, we reduce human error and keep the workflow open in case a manpower BOOST is required.​
GranCM provides aviation companies & their stakeholders with various digital solutions and tools, from data migration and digitization to creating complex managing systems adjusted to your budget.